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Fiscal Year 2023: October 1, 2022 – September 30, 2023

Hurricane Ian

Dear Residents:

Please note the Inframark local offices will be closed until further notice due to the storm.

With Hurricane Ian increasing winds, storm surge, flooding rains, and isolated tornadoes are possible.
Below are some preparedness and safety tips:

  • Know the types of flood risk in your area. Visit https://msc.fema.gov/portal/home
  • The Emergency Alert System (EAS) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather Radio https://www.weather.gov/
  • Have an emergency supply kit. Please visit https://www.ready.gov/kit for additional information
  • Keep important documents in a waterproof container and create password-protected digital copies
  • Be cautious of any amounts of water on roads. If driving, please watch for high or rising water
  • In case of an emergency please call 911
  • The Storm is Here: What should I Expect- The Storm is Here: What Should I Expect?
  • National Hurricane Center- National Hurricane Center
  • Have your insurance carriers contact information
  • Fully charge your cell phones
  • Prepare your hard by removing all outdoor furniture, lawn items, planters and other materials that could become airborne due to high winds
  • Fill your car with gas

This is time for preparedness and action. All residents need to follow the guidance of local news/officials.

If you have any questions, please contact Inframark- Customer Service at 281-870-0585. If this is an emergency, please call 911.

Thank you and stay safe!

Rivercrest Amenities Revised Operations Guidelines

Effective Monday, September 21, 2020

Use of all Rivercrest Amenities is at Your Own Risk.

Community Center Hours are 8am to 9pm.

Facilities will be first come, first serve with the following guidelines:

Do Not Enter Amenities or Offices if you are not feeling well, running a fever or showing any signs of Covid 19.

Guests will be allowed as outlined in the District Rules and Regulations

Amenities which are Open at 75% Capacity

  • Cabana Pool – Maximum 116 Attendees – Socially Distanced
  • Community Center Pool and Child Spray Feature – Maximum 88 Attendees – Socially Distanced
  • Access will not be allowed if we are at maximum venue attendance
  • Tennis Courts – Singles Play Only – Limit of 4 on the Court. First Come, First Serve – Limit of 2 Hour Games
  • Fitness Trail, Water Tables for fishing, and Pocket Parks – Open Sunrise to Sunset
  • Fire Pits – Open with Social Distancing, will be started by staff on request
  • Cabana seating area is now open with Televisions available on request with normal restrictions to family friendly programming. (Social Distancing Required)

Amenities which remain closed:

  • Basketball Courts and Multipurpose Field closed
  • Cabana Hot Tub closed
  • Community Room Closed except for approved Community meetings and face coverings required
  • No Rentals of Amenities until further notice

Proper social distancing of 6’ with no family groups over 10 required. Proper hand sanitization requested with frequent hand washing, new hand sanitizer stations at entrance, office, community room and all restrooms. We request wearing of face masks when you are not able to properly social distance. Failure to conduct proper social distancing or not following directions of staff may result in loss of access privileges as outlined in the District Rules and Regulations.

All Weather Closings must be followed as directed by staff and as outlined in the District Rules and Regulations.

Smoking and Vaping area has been moved to the rear of the Cabana by the men’s restroom or in your vehicle in the parking lot.  Smoking and Vaping will not be allowed in any other location on CDD property.

The Rivercrest CDD reserves the right to modify this opening plan as the COVID-19 recovery is very fluid.

Rivercrest CDD Office available by appointment only Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 2pm to 7pm for new access cards. Call 813-672-3804 to set appointment. Face coverings are required to enter the offices or any indoor facility.

Lease renewals may be submitted by sending the complete lease to Clubhouse@RivercrestCDD.org.

Rivercrest HOA needs may be handled by calling 813-671-2200 or emailing Rivercrest@wisepm.com.

Face coverings are required to enter the offices or any indoor facility.

Please note the Rivercrest HOA has moved to the new office just north of the Community Room.


Rivercrest CDD Master Plan

Rivercrest CDD Master Plan


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Rivercrest Community Development District Disclosure

Please be advised that the Rivercrest Community Development District (the “District”), a local unit of special purpose government created under Florida law, has constructed and is responsible for the maintenance of certain improvements, infrastructure and facilities within the District. The District financed this construction through the sale of tax-exempt bonds, a form of public financing.  As a result, and in accordance with applicable federal and state law, all District owned improvements, infrastructure and facilities are and shall remain open and accessible to the general public. Should you have any questions on this matter, non-resident user fees applicable to District recreational facilities, or any other general District issue, please feel free to contact the District Manager.