Copart Challenge Information

***UPDATE*** On December 14th, the County Commissioners Denied the request for RES 6 to be changed to CMU 12.  At this time, Copart is unable to rezone and expand their facility.  A big thanks goes out to residents of Rivercrest and the surrounding communities.  This would not have been possible without your dedication and support.

The CPA 17-17 meeting will be held on Thursday Dec 14, 2017 at 6 pm.   The meeting place is 601 E Kennedy Blvd, second floor. A show of FORCE will help convince the county commissioner’s position on this case.  A few of us cannot alone fight this comp plan amendment.  We need everyone!

If you choose to speak, you must register Here. And, if you are going to speak, you may simply state you do not support the change from RES 6 to CMU 12, as CMU 12 allows for the expansion of industrial uses adjacent to our neighborhood.

Please Remember, You must only speak about CPA 17-17 only with ABSOLUTELY no mention of MM 17-1298 or Copart.

Click Here for the Letter to oppose the CPA 17-17 and Click Here for the letter to oppose MM 17-1298.  These letters were produced by the Rivercrest CDD legal counsel. You may modify information toward the bottom of the letter to suite your community.  Please proceed with getting as many letters mailed out in opposition to the CPA first and secondly mail out the MM opposition letters.  Urgency is needed if you oppose the zoning and major modification changes to allow expansion of the Copart facility.  Again, your attendance at the meetings is also needed.

Copart Challenge Summary